Tillamook County

Chinese Tillimook County

Ming Creek. Tillamook County.
Ming Creek begins at Ming Point, flowing southward into the Wilson River. The area has a long history of gold mining that continues today. See Ming Point, Tillamook County. Reference: Oregon Historical Mining Information; U.S. Mining.com; U.S.G.S. Quadrangle.

Ming Point. Tillamook County.
Ming Point, elevation 1600 feet, has at least two possible place name origins. First, although initially appearing to be a Chinese surname, Ming is a common surname in Europe and may have no relationship to the Chinese. Second, it has been suggested that the place name may result from a typographic error with the peak being originally known as Mining Point. See Ming Creek, Tillamook County. Reference: McArthur and McArthur 2003: 649.

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