Hood River County

Cascade Locks Hood River County

Cascade Canal and Locks. Hood River County.
Cascade Canal and Locks are located near the town of Cascade Locks. Approximately 100 Chinese laborers assisted in its construction by 1879. The canal and locks were flooded when Bonneville Dam was completed in 1938. However, a visible portion can be seen within Cascade Locks Marine Park which is on the National Registry of Historic Places. Reference: “Cascade Locks and Canal”; Willingham 1987: 240.

China Fill. Hood River County.
China Fill was created by Chinese laborers in 1889. The fill is on the road below present-day Timberline Lodge where the road grade was as much as 22%. Reference: Hood River Historical Society 1982: 55.

China Hill. Hood River County.
Chinese laborers completed the finish grading on the toll road on the north side of Mt. Hood, below present-day Timberline Lodge in 1889. Reference: Hood River Historical Society 1982: 55.

China Hill School. Hood River County.
China Hill School was built about one quarter mile from the top of China Hill. Constructed in 1904, it was closed in 1907/1908 because people had moved out of the area. See China Hill, Hood River County. Reference: Hood River Historical Society 1982: 31.

Hood River Restaurant and Golden Rose Lounge. Hood River County.
The restaurant/lounge at 108 2nd Street in the town of Hood River was established in 1955. Then known as the Hood River Café, it was owned by Jack Sang Chin, Charlie Gum, and Gin You. It is one of the oldest Chinese-owned restaurants in that portion of Oregon. Reference: Hood River Historical Society 1982: 453.


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