GPS: Location of Chinese Places

Many of the places discussed in the preceding posts are in remote areas and often difficult to locate. The latitude and longitude given below are intended to be an aid in locating those places. The software source for latitude and longitude was National Geographic, Topo!, 2004.

Baker County 

Auburn Chinatown 44°41'59″N117°56'46″WChina Creek1 44°35'32″N118°08'27″W
China Creek2 44°40'04″N118°22'41″W
China Creek Corral Pond 44°34'23″N118°06'48″W
China Gulch 44°46'51″N118°11'53″W
China Lake 44°35'15″N118°08'48″W
China Spring 44°49'42″N117°07'43″W
China Town 44°29'37″N117°41'44″W
Deer Creek Chinese Camp 44°45'43″N118°08'15″W
Downie Creek Chinese Mine 44°49'34″N118°17'09″W
East China Spring 44°35'56″N118°07'03″W
Elk Creek Mine 44°42'22″N118°48'33″W
Ellis Mine 44°49'44″N118°12'23″W
Gimlet Placer Mine 44°43'08″N118°19'01″W
McCully Fork Encampment 44°44'43″N118°12'37″W
McEwen Chinatown 44°41'59″N118°06'11″W
Minersville Chinese Encampment 44°44'05″N118°03'14″W
Poker Gulch 44°39'30″N117°55'29″W
Rye Valley Chinatown 44°27'20″N117°27'47″W
Shanghai Creek 44°54'21″N117°18'34″W
Shanghai Falls 44°54'13″N117°18'44″W
South China Spring 44°34'39″N118°06'58″W
Sparta Chinatown 44°52'14″N117°19'24″W

Clackamas County
Oregon City Canal 45°20'42″N122°37'27″W

Coos County
China Creek1. 43°04'15″N 124°26'09″W
China Creek2. 43°09'38″N 123°55'11″W
China Creek3. 43°11'14″N 124°15'40″W
China Creek4. 42°46'55″N 124°03'47″W
China Flat. 42°46'43″N 124°03'57″W
China Flat Picnic Area. 42°46'43″N 124°03'57″W
China Gulch. 42°46'49″N 124°03'39″W
Whiskey Run Creek. 43°17'40″N 124°23'33″W

Curry County
China Creek 42°10'27″N124°21'46″W
China Bar 42°42'59″N123°52'29″W
China Bar Rapids 42°42'59″N123°52'29″W
China Peak 42°46'55″N124°18'46″W
China Mountain 42°42'43″N124°24'34″W

Deschutes County

China Hat 43°40'51″N121°02'01″W

Douglas County

China Creek. 42°54'20″N123°26'19″W

Gilliam County

China Creek. 45°42'N120°11'W
China Ditch. 45°42'N120°11'W

Grant County

Ah Hee Diggings. 44°49'34″N118°24'50″W
Ah Hee Reservoir. 44°49'34″N118°24'50″W
Blue Gulch. 44°24'14″N 118°57'09″W
Canyon Creek. 44°24'08″N118°57'06″W
China Cap. 44°56'05″N 119°33'55″W
China Diggings Mine. 44°39'25″ N118°39'09″W
China Gulch. 44°51'03″N 118°24'19″W
China Hat Spring. 44°14'47″N 119°22'03″W
China Meadow. 44°54'21″N 118°30'00″W
China Peak. 44°42'11″N 119°27'56″W
Chinaman Trail. 44°48'05″N 118°33'40″W
Chinese Walls. 44°49'34″N 118°24'50″W
Dixie Creek Chinese Mines. 44°28'50″N 118°42'46″W
Dixie Meadows Mine. 44°35'27″N 118°42'56″W
Granite City Chinatown. 44°48'34″N 118°25'04″W
Granite Creek. 44°50'14″N 118°28″W
Happy Camp Chinese Mine. 45°00'50″N 117°24'57″W
Horseshoe Bar. 44°19'24″N 118°24'59″W
Junction Bar. 44°09'27″N 119°30'44″W
Marysville Mining Area. 44°21'45″W 118°56'00″W
Mount Vernon Chinatown. 44°25'04″N 119°06'49″W
Monument Chinatown. 44°49'10″N 119°25'11″W
Olive Creek. 44°45'56″N 118°27'40″W
Oriental Creek. 44°58'24″N 118°43'40″W
Rock Creek. 44°57'37″N 118°05'58″W
Ruby Creek Chinese Mine. 44°37'03″N 118°41'19″W
Salmon Creek Chinese Placer Mine. 44°43'31″N 118°30'15″W
Susanville Chinatown. 44°42'48″N 118°47'02″W
Wild Granite Chinese Walls. 44°49'50″N 118°24'59″W

Harney County

China Cap Mine. 43°11'10″N 119°44'24″W
China Hill. 43°18'40″N 118°17'19″W
China Lake. 43°25'39″N 119°41'04″W

Jackson County

Browntown Chinese Concentration. 42°03'07″N 123°16'04″W
China Ditch. 42°09'25″N 122°58'55″W
China Gap. 42°35'12″N 123°08'59″W
China Gulch1. 42°08'13″N 123°04'56″W
China Gulch2. 42°03'35″N 123°09'34″W
China Gulch3. 42°14'26″N 123°04'09″W
China Gulch4. 42°24'09″N 123°01'49″W
China Gulch5. 42°14'24″N 123°12'59″W
Gin Lin Trail. 41°56'19″N 122°57'03″W
Gin Lin’s Camp. 42°08'10″N 123°04'30″W
Ginko Creek. 42°49'34″N 122°28'22″W
Palmer Creek Diggings. 42°06'58″N 123°07'47″W
Palmer Creek Ditch. 42°06'56″N 123°05'29″W
Sterling Mine Ditch. 42°09'53″N 122°54'14″W
The Chinese Wall. 42°06'58″N 123°07'46″W

Josephine County
China Creek1. 42°13'29″N 123°18'56″W
China Creek2. 42°30'10″N 123°38'37″W
China Garden. 42°06'07″N 123°29'28″W
China Gulch1. 42°42'51″N 123°19'08″W
China Gulch2. 42°39'32″N 123°36'59″W
China Gulch Rapids. 42°39'07″N 123°37'11″W
Chinaman Hat. 42°25'54″N 123°52'18″W
Chinaman’s Ditch Trail. 42°10'22″N 123°14'52″W
Tyee Bar. 42°39'25″N 123°39'26″W

Lake County

Chinatown Pump. 42°39'25″N 120°28'02″W

Lane County

China Creek. 43°33'24″N 122°44'15″W
China Creek Trail. 43°32'33″N 122°43'37″W

Lincoln County

China Gulch. 44°39'26″N 123°37'02″W

Linn County

The Great Wall. 44°24'38″N121°51'19″W

Marion County

China Dam. 44°52'21″N 122°20'01″W
Santiam Canal. 44°30'54″N 122°52'55″W

Malheur County

China Creek. 43°46'52″N 117°49'33″W
China Gulch. 42°48'28″N 117°36'57″W
China Rock. 43°48'07″N 118°10'21″W
Malheur City Chinatown. 44°24'46″N 117°43'35″W
Mormon Basin Creek. 44°25'23″N 117°35'17″W
Poison Root Gulch. 44°26'10″N 117°44'04″W
Quartz Gulch. 44°24'06″N 117°43'42″W
Rich Creek. 44°23'43″N 117°44'54″W

Tillamook County

Ming Creek. 45°28'51″ N 123°43'09″W
Ming Point. 45°29'22″ N 123°43'17″W

Union County

Camp Carson Ditch. 44°58'22″N 118°14'39″W
Camp Carson Placer Mine. 45°02'03″N 118°17'28″W
China Cap Creek. 45°11'05″N 117°30'41″W
China Cap Ridge. 45°09'43″ N117°29'44″W
China Cap Summit. 45°09'21″ N117°30'36″W
China Diggings. 45°5'39″ N118°6'43″W
Grande Ronde Lake Dams. 44°58'45″N 118°14'40″W
Mud Lake Dam. 45°02'07″N 118°17'26″W
Shanghai School. 45°18'54″N 117°49'06″W
Two Dragon Camp. 45°03'05″N 118°17'48″W

Wallowa County

China Bar. 45°33'14″N 116°31'46″W
China Bar Rapids. 42°42'54″N 116°31'49″W
China Cap Creek. 45°12'55″N 117°30'28″W
China Creek. 45°48'52″N 116°44'29″W
China Gardens Dam Site. 45°48'53″N 116°41'41″W
China Gulch. 45°48'52″N 116°44'29″W
China Rapids. 45°36'16″N 116°27'47″W

Wasco County

Chinaman Hat. 44°59'33″N 120°32'59″W
The Chinese Wall. 45°29'45″N 121°23'22″W

Wheeler County

China Camp Spring. 44°53'33″N 119°43'11″W
China Hat Creek. 44°45'27″N 119°40'58″W
China Hat Peak. 44°45'44″N 119°40'43”W