Gilliam County

Gilliam County Golf Course

China Creek. Gilliam County.
China Creek is an intermittent stream approximately 5.5 miles in length that extends from the town of Arlington southeast through Alkali Canyon. It was initially known as China Ditch. See China Ditch, Gilliam County. Reference: U.S.G.S. quadrangle 7.5’ series, Arlington, Oregon/Washington, 1971.

China Creek Golf Course. Gilliam County.
The 18 hole golf course derives its name from nearby China Creek. Reference:

China Ditch. Gilliam County.
Chinese laborers constructed a drainage ditch adjacent to the Condon branch of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in 1904. The canal, trending southeast, goes through the town of Arlington and Alkali Canyon. Subsequently, a Chinese family operated a laundry next to the ditch, causing it to be known as China Ditch. Reference: McArthur and McArthur 2003: 198-199.


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