Deschutes County

Central Oregon China Hat

China Hat. Deschutes County.
China Hat is an 80,000 year old volcanic dome southeast of the City of Bend within the Deschutes National Forest. The 6573 feet above sea level peak supported a fire lookout tower until the 1930's. Its name was probably derived from its shape, being similar to the conical farmer-style hat worn by Chinese in the second half of the 1800's. The peak, with its distinctive shape, served as a landmark indicator when travelling in the Fort Rock-Bend area. Reference: Interview, February 10, 2011; Jensen 1995: 148-49; McArthur and McArthur 2003: 199; U.S.G.S. quadrangle 7.5’ series, China Hat, Oregon, 1990. Photo.

China Hat Recreation Area. Deschutes County.
China Hat Recreation Area is on the south side of China Hat at its base. The area has a campground and hiking trails. There are also lava tubes and ice caves. The area is accessible via China Hat Road. Reference: U.S.G.S. quadrangle 7.5’ series, China Hat, Oregon, 1990.

China Hat Road. Deschutes County.
China Hat Road (Forest Service Road 18) extends southeastward from the City of Bend, past China Hat, continuing to Fort Rock where it becomes Cabin Lake Road. Much of the current road extending from Bend to China Hat itself consists of parts of the Brooks-Scanlon logging mainline railroad built after 1914. The initial work on the road from China Hat to Cabin Lake Road was accomplished by Fort Rock homesteaders led by George Reels in 1915. Reference: Brogan 1969: 2; Gould 1915.

Hi Loy Mercantile. Deschutes County.
Hi Loy Mercantile is part of the Spirit of the West exhibit in the High Desert Museum on Highway 97 in the City of Bend. The store is modeled after a 1880's Chinese-owned business that typically sold Chinese goods, hand tools for mining, food stuffs, etc. The store name also advertises itself as a labor contractor. Reference: High Desert Museum 2010.


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