Clackamus County

Clackamas County Bing Cherry Mural

Jackson Street Mural. Clackamus County.
The Jackson Street Mural was located at 10801 SE Main Street in the town of Milwaukie. The mural faced Jackson Street. Completed in 2001, the public art prominently depicted the cherries developed by Ah Bing at the Lewelling Nursery. The mural no longer exists. Reference: West n.d. “Milwaukie, Oregon.”

Lewelling Nursery. Clackamus County.
In the 1870s, Seth Lewelling of Milwaukie cultivated 100 acres of nursery stock. The foreman was Ah Bing who was in charge of the nursery’s 20-30 Chinese laborers. Lewelling planted two rows of experimental cherries, with Bing responsible for one row. Lewelling named the variety produced in Bing’s row in honor of the foreman. Reference: Olson 1930's.

Oregon City Canal. Clackamus County.
See Willamette Falls Locks, Clackamas County.

Oregon City Woolen Manufacturing Company. Clackamus County.
The Oregon City Woolen Manufacturing Company, established in 1865, was on the Willamette River in Oregon City. In 1868, it became the first textile manufacturer in the state to hire Chinese workers. Reference: Ooligan Press and Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association 2007: 56.

Oswego Iron Works. Clackamus County.
Oswego Iron Works of Oregon City, also known as Oswego Iron Company, is reported as the first industry in the Northwest to employ Chinese in a foundry and nearby iron mine. Starting in 1867, 18 Chinese began work in the mine. By 1888, there were as many as 150 Chinese workers, mostly in the charcoal-making process. The iron furnace is on the National Registry of Historic Places. Reference: Corning 1973: 177; Tucker 2002; National Registry of Historic Places n.d.

Willamette Falls Locks. Clackamus County.
Willamette Falls Locks, also known as the Oregon City Canal, is located on the Willamette River between West Linn and Oregon City. Chinese labor was used in the construction, being completed in 1872, and opening on January 1, 1873. The locks are on the National Registry of Historic Places and a Oregon Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Reference: McConnell 1979: 74; West n.d. “Oregon City Oregon.”


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