Chinese Massacres

Baker County

Battle Creek Chinese Massacre. Baker County.
According to the lone Chinese survivor, Piute Indians killed approximately 40 Chinese miners near Battle Creek in 1866. The name Battle Creek is attributed to a fight between two Native American groups in 1870. Reference: Edson, 1974: 13; McArthur, 1982: 44.

Douglas County

Clearwater River Chinese Massacre. Douglas County.
The Clearwater River, a 15-mile-long tributary of the North Umpqua River approximately 50 miles east of Roseburg.  Approximately 30 Chinese were killed in 1877 by a band of Native Americans. Reference: Penner, 1990: 27.

Malheur County

Jordan Creek Chinese Massacre. Malheur County.
Jordan Creek in Jordan Valley was the location of the murder of approximately 50 Chinese who were travelling to the Owyhee mines in 1864. Paiute Indians were thought to have been the culprits. Reference: Hanley, 1980: 15, 53, 212; “History of the Avalanche.”

Wallowa County

Chinese Massacre Cove. Wallowa County.
 Chinese Massacre Cove is located near the confluence of Deep Creek and the Snake River in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The five-acre site is where 10 to 34 Chinese gold miners were robbed and murdered in 1887. Six Euro Americans were indicted with three escaping while in jail and the others being found not guilty. The site was officially recognized and named by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names in 2005. Reference: Nokes, 2009: 179-181.


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