Benton County

Corvallis Chinatown. Benton County.
Corvallis Chinatown was centered on today’s SW Second Street and SW Jefferson Avenue in the town of Corvallis by at least 1880. At that time, there were four Chinese laundries in operation. By the 1880's, Chinatown was the home of clerks, railroad and construction workers, and business men. The business directories listed six Chinese stores: Hong Wah Company, Hop Sing Company, Wing Yet Company, Hop Sang and Company, Hop Wa, and Hop Gee. There were only five residents remaining in 1910 with the entire Chinatown destroyed by fire in the 1920's. Corvallis Chinatown is within the boundaries of Avery-Helm Historic District. Reference: Benton County Historical Society and Museum; “Chinese Americans in Corvallis n.d.”; Miller 2009; National Register of Historic Places Listings in Benton County, Oregon 2009; Sojourners in Corvallis.

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